Black Hole Sun

In my eyes, indisposed In disguises no one knows Hides the face, lies the snake The sun in my disgrace Boiling heat, summer stench ‘Neath the black the sky looks dead Call my name through the cream And I’ll hear … Continue reading

Fallen Angel

Azazel is beside you and he’s playing the game Demons are inside you and they’re making their play Watching and they’re hiding as they wait for the time For a devil to get ready and take over your mind Beaten … Continue reading


Why does it feel like night today? Something in the air’s not right today Why am I so uptight today? Paranoia’s all I got left I don’t know what stressed me first Or how the pressure was fed But I … Continue reading


Hey guys righto , i originally did this set a little while ago and i was unhappy with it so i decided to redo it. Overdue are 70’s library cards from the US congress library , these books were written to … Continue reading

Soulless Evolution

Hey guys , i hope all is well , I originally did Soulless Evolution as a 2 panel image. One of which  ended up forming into the Libris Installation . Here are the original 2 panels….

Bow Before

Bow before all masters and slaves , for he is below that of the common grain. You show no loyalty when feed from above , and choose to break ground in the stables of pigs.


Handwritten looks at how street art can relate . SCRIPTURE Definition : A sacred, solemn, or authoritative book or piece of writing esp when regarded by a particular group. 🙂 SCORE Definition : the written performance of an individual or … Continue reading


There is a thread that runs along The seam of all the paths we’ve crossed A color wheel that spins around Weaved all into one – Empire of the Sun    

The Suburban Dream

Hey Guys , Sunday’s one before ROCK PAPER SCISSORS Quadriptych – The Suburban Dream …… Different , yet still the same …. ( 4 shot series that looks at how the suburban landscape blends into one .)

Mistaken Gain

Morning Guys , This series of work looks at how colour can also define what we perceive we are looking at. All the images in this series are exactly the same, but with different colour treatments I hopefully have the viewer … Continue reading

Equal Society

a person or thing that is the same as another in status or quality the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community 🙂

TRON 2016

Hey guys , righto last night we had a study in 70’s colour , tonight it’s the glorious 80’s ….enjoy your wend .


My latest work entitled “Diversity” is a 2 piece image exploring what it really means to live in this world. OK  , states that diversity is ” the inclusion of individuals representing more than one national origin, color, religion, socioeconomic … Continue reading


Triptych that explores the complex world of recreational drugs and the simplicity of love . First panel shows the chemical diagram for each , then the scientific name and lastly the street name.